About Us

Courage. Compassion. Community.

Our Mission

To courageously defend the accused. To demand equal justice for all. To empower our clients with inspired advocacy in the courtroom and community. We are on a mission to elevate public defense, one client at a time.

Our Vision

To lead the charge in transforming public defense to empower those we serve by honoring their experiences, amplifying their voices, and offering real solutions to the root causes of system involvement.

Our Values


We are fierce advocates for our clients, tirelessly pursuing justice without hesitation, selfishness, or fear.


We work with our clients, community, and partners to achieve outstanding results.


We put our clients at the center of every tactic, strategy, and decision.


We constantly learn, aspire, and improve, embracing innovative practices that break negative cycles and empower our clients and their communities.


We care about our clients and take the time to get to know them, so that we can understand where they are coming from and how we can best help them reach their goals.


We are conscious of the inequities created by racism, classism, and privilege, sensitive to bias in ourselves, others, and the system, and dedicated to honoring each client’s background, beliefs, and experiences.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in our agency, courtrooms, and community is critical to our mission. Diversity strengthens our organization by broadening our understanding of different experiences, viewpoints, and cultures and inspiring us to view issues from new angles. Cultivating an environment where everyone is treated fairly, all voices are heard, and every culture is celebrated gives us the foundation to do our best work. We understand that unjust systems harm our clients and community. Challenging these systems requires us to examine our own implicit biases and adopt model practices for mitigating harm, elevating voices that have been muted by prejudice, classism, or racism, and moving forward together in strength. Our Leadership Team includes a Director of Training, Equity and Development who supports our commitment to put equity at the center of our practices, both within our organization and in our roles as defenders and community leaders. We stand for racial equality, social change, and equal justice for all.